Our favourite little BIG idea...

Are you paying a ongoing monthly fee for food scraps pick-up? Are you working to get your household to zero waste? Love gardening and want to return your food scrap nutrients to your soil? Has the CRD Landfill ban on food scraps got you down? Purchase a Backyard Digester. 

The Backyard Digester is different from a composter – meat, bones, dairy and left-overs can all go in. The digester is dug into the ground, the food waste breaks down, and the nutrients seep into the surrounding soil. 

It’s a no-maintenance zero-waste solution. It's pest proof AND Canadian-made from 100% recycled plastic. Click here for a spec sheet and installation guide. 

In 1955, Life Magazine celebrated the advent of “a garbage can you don't have to empty” also known as the Bard-Matic Garbage Eliminator named after its inventor, Mr. Elmer Bard. Mr. Bard had solved the garbage problem. Sixty years later, we’re excited to bring a great and timely idea back to life.

The Backyard Digester: $165, or 2 for $300